• Message on Psalm 40

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    “I Will Trust in God Alone: Let Go & Let God” (Psalm 40)

    Through the turning of seasons and transitions of life, whether changes in external circumstances or internal state of heart and mind, God is steady and faithful, the one constant we can trust.

    Sept. 1, 2013 – inSpirit Church – Byron Center, MI

    Reflection Questions: (First, re-read all of Psalm 40.)
    1. Describe a time when you felt close to God, felt that God heard you, and also a time when you felt distant from God, on shaky ground (v 1,2).
    2. In times of trouble and sin (v 11-13) or being poor and needy (v 17),  how have you experienced God’s wonders, deeds, saving acts, faithfulness, help, love, mercy, or deliverance?
    3. Have you shared these stories with those closest to you (v 5,9,10)? Who can you share your story with that needs to hear about trusting in God alone (v 3,4,16)?
    4. Is there a need that you are waiting on right now from God? How does this Psalm and reflection point you to trust God’s continued faithfulness in your present and future?
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